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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Quizzy rascals

Here at IKl we very rarely need an excuse or much encouragement to come up with an idea or two to get knitters together. This week is UK National Knitting Week so we decided to put together a few extra events during the week to persuade lapsed knitters, wannabe knitters and non-knitters to come along and join in. Sunday's knitting group was the first event, and last night was NKW Part 2 - the quiz night. We may be a knitting shop, but we're not just a knitting shop.
It's no secret that I'm a quiz geek, so I was just looking for any excuse to do one. It's actually quite difficult thinking of questions though. very tricky - you'll always get someone compaining that it's too hard or too easy, and since you know the answers (because you're writing the thing in the first place) it's quite hard to judge. Anyway, we had a picture round (below, if you want to play along), a music round (film and TV themes), a Monopoly streets section and a general knowledge 20 questions.

I think a good time was had by all. We all learned something (particularly that Gerard's first crush was Lee Majors in The Fall Guy !?), we all had a few drinks and made some new friends, and everyone got something, from calendars and DVDs to theatre tickets and a complete set of Barbara Walker's Treasury books. In the process we had a minimum £1 entry and raised £43 for Bliss - we'll match that and round up to £100, so all-in-all a very good result. I think a monthly charity quiz might be in the offing so we will have a think about it and put it in our newsletter.
Thanks to Tom for giving me the title for this blog post!

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

A scally at Ally Pally

Here's the knitted river stand at Ally Pally. Gerard has had his WaterAid cap on this weekend, setting up the stand and helping out over there, whilst hobnobbing with the knitters and meeting friends new and old. I expect I'll be going along on Sunday to pick my way through the wreckage of four days of knit-crazed shoppers. This is Esther in the pic, who volunteered to help out on Thursday, surrounded by the huge blanket of blue - it's funny, I hadn't seen the stand anfd asked someone who'd been along to Ally Pally yesterday whether they saw it or not - they said "You couldn't miss it!". I see what they mean. Looks fab. If you are planning a trip please go along and say hello to the WaterAid guys and gals, sign the postcard (they're not after your money!) - it really can make a difference, and just ogle at the immensity of all that blue knitting.

Our other current charity 'do' is the Knit a Tit afternoon on 27th October which has turned into a little party, not just a workshop. We'd like everyone to come along and bring something pink - gin, champagne, grapefruit(?), prawns(?)....there's a workshop to learn how to knit your own, or just come for the fun of it. Here's one Sue made earlier, complete with 'ball of wool' piercing!

As we're still puting together the UK Stitch 'n Bitch Day, as well as the shops selling their wares we're also looking for charity projects who'd like to take part - yesterday we confirmed the Children's Society Big Stitch. So if you know of any, tell them to get in touch. G spoke with Debbie yesterday, too, who is really excited about it all and is putting together her own small workshop from the new book. We're excited!

Our big National Knitting Week sale starts today! There's so much to do, and our printer broke yesterday so looks like I'll be writing everything by hand. I hate technology. Anyway, I know where most knitters will be but some have alreayd fit I Knit London into their knitting schedule...yesterday I had the pleasure of the whirlwind that was Badger, Spanner....erm, forgotten the other two, sorry! but all from the Donkey! Monkey! forum. It was like they were still intoxicated from the knitting show! All loaded up with lovely yarn. Ee bah gum.


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